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Buying for the long game: multigenerational properties in demand

Have you considered family asset investment?  
For the majority, gone are the days where you grew up in one family home, largely paid by the one family income (usually Dad’s) through significant mortgage repayments over a thirty (plus) year period.
The current property market boom reflects the great Australian dream of home ownership is still very much alive – but generally now requires two incomes mortgage payments, both parents work longer hours and child care is a key cost of living.
Changing technology, globalisation/travel, job fluidity, increased living costs, dual incomes, women working full time and childcare, transport and changing workplace expectations have created a new landscape of considerations and influences when buying a home and when you can afford to.
Demand for multigenerational homes and properties, valued as the ‘norm’ in many other cultures for centuries, is emerging in the Australian property market in response to;
·Our growing home affordability crisis, particular…

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